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Renee BOetticher

 I began striving for a healthy lifestyle as a teenager, when I struggled with my weight and body image. My passion for health and nutrition led me to obtain a Bachelor's of Science in Health Science. When I discovered the American Council on Exercise offered a Health Coach certification, I knew that's what I wanted to do! I am a Certified Health Coach, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and Certified Personal Trainer through ACE. By working in a small health food store for over three years, which was owned by a Medical Doctor, I gained solid knowledge in natural medicines, herbs, and environmentally friendly products. I love food and am not naturally athletic, so I know it can be difficult to reach and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, if you don't have the knowledge and tools to do so.  I am a mom to a five year old, and I love to incorporate ways to work out with her and teach other moms how to stay active with kids. I stay current on science-based information by regularly reading studies from peer reviewed journals, and obtaining information from reputable sources such as the American Council on Exercise and the American Dietetic Association.  It is my goal to provide clients with up to date, scientifically proven, weight loss and fitness methods.    



Health Coaching


I started Kinetic Health Coaching because I am passionate about health, fitness, and eating nutritiously.  I want to share that passion with everyone. It is my goal as a health coach to help clients meet their weight loss goals by providing consistent and fun exercise routines, and educating them on healthful eating.  When you hire me as your health coach you get a personal trainer, nutritionist, and behavioral change coach all in one.  Being healthy is more than just exercise and eating right, it's also about well being, self image, being well rested and more, which is why I have a holistic health coaching approach. There are no gimmicks, fads, or crash diets.  If you are ready to set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, become educated on solid nutrition and exercise information,  and arm yourself against fads, please visit the personal training page for a free session, pricing, and to learn how we can work together to reach your goals.