"I really enjoy the social and customized aspects of the program. It's also amazing to be able to bring my littles along. My pre maternity pants are loose!:-)"

-Lisa P.

What Clients Have to Say about

Kinetic Health Coaching

"​I have been working out with Renee for several months now. I have been very impressed with Renee's knowledge of health and fitness. She is great at tailoring a workout to meet your fitness level and goals. She is also very good at taking the time to make sure you have proper form for each exercise so that you are getting the most out of your workout and doing it safely. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, whether you are just beginning or are already at an advanced level, I would recommend Renee with Kinetic Health Coaching for her knowledge, expertise, and attentive coaching!​"

​-Susan J.

 "Kinetic Health Coaching is great! Renee was very attentive to my health goals and made a complete meal plan and personal workout routine for me. She was quick to reply to any of my questions and made me feel at ease. She is super encouraging and I recommend anyone who is ready to make their health a priority to give her a call."

-April W.