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Renée Boetticher

Credentials: BS degree in Health Science; ACE certified Health Coach; ACE certified Personal Trainer; ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor; ACE certified Youth Fitness Instructor; OH BABY! Fitness certification for prenatal and postnatal exercise.

I started Kinetic Health to help women find balance in their health and fitness. I believe fitness is for absolutely everyone. We all want to feel healthier, more energetic, well rested, and the best we can be overall. Science has proven that exercising and eating healthfully is one of the leading factors in overall health and wellness.  As women, we are bombarded with fitness tips, "fitspiration", diets, and images of the ways we should look.  For most, the problem is not a lack of information, it's too much. That's where I come in! Consider me your "fitness friend that knows a lot about health and exercise." I take a down to earth approach and create real programs for real women using real science based practices. I am passionate about promoting a health body image (talking negatively about your body is banned in my workout groups!). Together we can shift the focus from how you look, to how you feel, what you can accomplish, what you can BE. 

Other tidbits about me: Married for 12 years with a spunky 9 year old daughter. We are not from Virginia, but it feels like home to us. We have two cats and one dog, all long haired.  So much vacuuming is involved.  So much. I love hiking and anything outdoors. I am not athletic in the "sporty" sense. My husband and I love trying new foods and I can give suggestions for almost any style of local restaurant in the area. Being a life long learner is part of who I am and I read lots of books on many different topics. I will quote said books. Friends have been known to poke fun at me for it. 

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