Little Black Dress Project

Six weeks to focus on movement, nourishing your body, and creating a positive body image. Leading up to a celebration of you.

Hey beautiful! When was the last time you focused on yourself? Do you feel like you constantly put your health and fitness on the back burner? Juggling a thousand things except self-care? You're amazing! But you can also take some time to focus on yourself and your well-being.  This isn't about losing weight to become worthy, this is about changing your health and fitness because you ARE worthy. Take the next 6 weeks and learn to love that body of yours that is capable of so many things. We will dive into your body image, shattering your limiting beliefs, reworking your relationship with food, goal setting, your attitude toward fitness and so much more! By the end you will feel stronger, healthier, and more self confident. You just have to start.


So what will we do over the 6 weeks?

  • Full body workouts designed to make your stronger and more energized

  • Connect and be inspired on the exclusive private Facebook page dedicated to the LBD project 

  • Eat clean and delicious meals and snacks (all approved by a dietician)

  • Go in DEEP on habit change, mindset shifts, and positive body image

  • Have one-on-one guidance from me, your personal trainer and health coach 

  • A celebration party, featuring special guests, giveaways, and goodies​


What Other Women Are Saying About Kinetic Health's Little Black Dress Project

Real ladies just like you, making time for themselves

How you do all of this is amazing. I was spending $400 a month for a trainer that just did the same thing every day, with zero results. It's awesome to have a tribe for support!


While I adore my pasta, the spaghetti squash last night was a good reminder that I like it as well.
I’m being reminded how much I love fruits and veggies! I haven’t made them a priority. I want to keep this going for sure!


I feel like I have my life back. You have no idea how I appreciate what you are doing. I just love all the encouragement and camaraderie in this group. It makes all the difference in the world.


Thanks Renee for jumpstarting my 2021 year of success. I love the program! You are so personal with your approach to the health of each woman!



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Session Starts September 12th 2021

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